Buddha (One Who Has Thus Arrived As He Thus Left) & Lust in Human World

Jenny Zhan & Bian Jing art exhibition opening of “Buddha (One Who Has Thus Arrived As He Thus Left) & Lust in Human World” opened at Zi Gallery, 5th of December. Jenny Zhan and Bian Jing are contemporary Beijing Artists. Their combined show features pieces not seen outside of China as represent an intriguing and groundbreaking outlook.

Zhan-Ying-Beijing-Contemporary-Painter-thumbJenny Zhan (alias Zhan Ying)

What makes the works of Jenny Zhan distinguished from those by other artists is her using materials such as cloth, cement and gold foil. When she paints, no matter whether it is an imaginary Buddha or a symbolic landscape, she always gives up the traditional brush and oil colours. Materials, especially cloth, often dominate and the brush only plays an assisting role. Such style is not only the basic characteristic of her art but also shows her sensitivity and interests in the texture of materials.

bian-jng-beijing-contemporary-artistBian Jing

Graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Bian Jing’s work encompasses turmoil, decadency and even despair. She displays the real status  of modern people to uncover a distorted humanity. Her artistic language is incisive as well as gorgeous. Her brushwork is both sarcastic and aesthetic. We see elements related to emotion instead of reason. She has adopted expressionism to replace realistic and straightforward language